The vision of the agile, federated and self-managed specialized companies of Swiss Digital Network (SDN) is to assist customers managing their Digital Transformation by mastering the related challenges and leveraging the new opportunities in the digital age such as the cloud, data science, machine Learning and artificial intelligence.

We, at PhiloSolvis, a self-managed cell of SDN, strongly believe that the complexity brought by the highly distributed and ephemeral digital systems cannot be handled in an efficient and sustainable way by traditional pyramidal and hierarchical organisation paradigms. Conventional hierarchical organisation and collaboration models dominated by the command-and-control principle cannot cope with the expected speed and continuous innovation. Since they are inert, static, and therefore not well adapted for the challenges of the digital age.

In this context, Digital Transformation advocates, initiators of related movement such as DevOps and Agile are all insisting on the importance of the culture transformation to assure the success of such initiatives.

What is the challenge?

Executive and Leaders of the most mature digital organisations, also called DevOps Unicorns, are sharing in books, blogs and talks their values and their stories related to their OWN digital culture transformation.

However, many organisations, leaders of non-high-tech organisations and teams motivated to conduct such a culture transformation are missing a practical approach to proactively tackle and manage such a culture transformation.

The Top-Down approach of the management communicating the new values charter, even if it is based on DevOps, Agile or Digital Transformation Values shared by Industry Analysts or Topic Evangelists, is not working. Since Culture Transformation is a deep change concerning beliefs, norms and behaviours which requires an authentic and open involvement of the individuals forming the team or the organisation.

How are we supporting you?

We, at PhiloSolvis, do think that Culture cannot be commanded, defined or brought by external coaches and experts. Furthermore, organizational culture should be managed proactively by design rather than default.

We think that organizations can learn from mature digital organizations, however, should shape their own digital culture adapted to their context, history, and people.

Therefore we do not provide or promise packaged and finalized solutions but assist and coach organizations and teams in their culture transformation journey by collectively defining, adopting and living a new generation  management philosophy, values-driven culture and collaboration practices based on self-management resp. distributed authority, wholeness and continuous collective learning.

Our coaching approach is therefore driven by developing the critical thinking of the individuals and collective problem solving to efficient assist teams defining and exercise together an authentic DevOps or Digital values-driven culture and collaboration and model.

In this context, we leverage practical and pragmatic philosophy patterns such as:

  • the Socratic Maieutic Method towards the “birth” of an own new Digital or DevOps culture and
  • the Community of Inquiry Model to enable the collective “intelligence” managing the new culture by design rather than default
  • Concepts and reasoning models of famous Philosophers who intensively worked on the topics like coping with changes, emotions, self-transformation, sense and ethics at work, decision making etc

We moderate on one hand the culture maieutic and dialog with the teams and support on the other hand in shaping the transformation processes if needed, by sharing good practices and experiences in similar situations in many other organisations