Enlighten your Digital Culture Transformation with Philosophy-based Coaching & Consulting


Digital Transformation has disruptive impacts on organizations and individuals.

For organizations, Digital Transformation is a holistic change covering operating model and technology, but especially culture and skills. This requires a disruptive approach to help face Digital Culture Transformation challenges.

Individuals are being overloaded with data, events, AI-driven recommendations and need to strengthen their power of judgement and critical thinking towards better apprehension of the digital age.


PhiloSolvis assist and coach organisations and individuals in their culture transformation journey by leveraging a new generation management philosophy that helps them shape their own digital culture adapted to their context, history and people.

In addition to the empirical approaches and other established coaching best practices to manage culture Entropy, PhiloSolvis’ coaching approach focuses on strengthening the collective problem solving capabilities while leveraging practical philosophical patterns and methods.


PhiloSolvis is the first and only local company offering Swiss organizations the philosophy-driven coaching and consulting approaches to tackle digital culture transformation.

By adopting practical philosophical patterns to the digital culture transformation challenges, in addition to best proven coaching practices, we help businesses and people enlighten their digital culture transformation journey

An All-around transversal offer

Digital Culture Maieutic

Facilitating the collective shaping of an authentic and collaborative culture built around Self-Management and Continuous Collective Learning


Philosophy Coaching for Leaders

Assisting leaders on managing their reccurent challenges related to transformation management, decision making, team building, spirit and motivation.


Philosophy Workshops for Children and Adolescents

Helping children and Adolescents of the Digital Age to improve their Authentic Power of Judgement and Critical Thinking Skills towards better socialization and tolerance.

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